“Tache de Rousseur”

Record label

Philosophy and Vision

"Tache de Rousseur," or “Freckle” in English, is a music label that reflects the diversity and uniqueness found in the human experience, much like the distinct qualities of a freckle. The label's philosophy is rooted in the idea that music, like skin, is an ever-evolving canvas that expresses our inner dynamics and connects us to the wider world.

Music Production and Live Performances

The label produces music for a diverse range of artists, including the singular talents of Joséphine and the dynamic group "Chakras Lycras." Tache de Rousseur is also involved in live performance productions, notably the youth digital arts show "Manitou."

Artist Development and Coaching

In addition to production, Tache de Rousseur is dedicated to artist development, offering coaching in performance skills, stage presence, and technical training. A significant aspect of this coaching is teaching artists how to use Ableton for live performances, enhancing their ability to deliver dynamic and engaging shows. Artists such as Victor Marichal, Pauline Mann, Violaine Dumoulin, and Emilie Marcadé have benefited from this comprehensive developmental approach.

Legal Support and Consultation

Legal consultation is another pillar of Tache de Rousseur's services. Headed by Xavier Schmitt, a jurist specializing in live entertainment and intellectual property, the label ensures legal protection and savvy management for its artists and their creative output.

Contact us : tachederousseur.label@gmail.com
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