Selected collaborative works

1. Manitou, an imersive digital arts show for the youth

What happens when the sun falls in love with a grain of sand? In this immersive experience blending storytelling, video projection, and electronic music, three artists invite the audience on a journey into the infinitely small and the very large. A spatial and sensory expedition for families, to dream differently. MANITOU is an immersive storytelling performance combining video projection, electronic music, and narrative art, conceived by three artists wishing to reactivate the practice of storytelling and orality. By merging digital culture aesthetics with the timelessness of storytelling, it invites a journey through narratives and imagination. MANITOU explores new ways of writing, telling, and listening by diverting the traditional relationship to the screen, the figure of the storyteller, and figurative representations.

Manitou won the 2023 ODYSSART grant from the Franco-Québécois Office for Youth. The show is being adapted to be performed in a 360° dome. Re-creation horizon: October 2024 at SAT Montreal (Quebec)

Show for young and general audiences, 40 minutes.

Music: Josephine Hurtut
Writing & Voice: Laetitia Troussel-Luber
Visuals: Simon Lazarus 84

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2. Chakras Lycras, a pop punk feminist dance performance

Joséphine is deeply involved in the project "Chakras Lycras" alonside Violaine Dumoulin and Peggy Martineau. The performance is a quirky feminist pop show. It was performed at prestigious venues such as the Centre George Pompidou, Les Plateaux Sauvages, Le Hasard Ludique, and Petit Bain. In this show, Joséphine performs, composes and produces the music, along with Agnès Imbault and Philippe Raimond.


3. Pixel Apsara,  a performance mixing digital arts and dancing

The ancestral gestures of the Apsara dance met the digital creations of Banana Tragédie Collective at the 4th Cambodia Urban Art Festival in December 2018 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Silver Bell Company embodied this traditional millenary practice of Cambodia through contemporary gestures, improvised on a pixel tatami and paced by electronic soundscapes interspersed with traditional buffalo horn. In this immersive environment, the dancers observe each other, and their enigmatic movements speak of the rainy season and the blooming of lotus flowers.

Dancers: Silver Bell Cie.
Visual Creation: Simon Lazarus 84
Sound Creation: Joséphine
Video Credits: Roman Deroubaix-Alfonsi

4. Koh,  an audiovisual piece mixing field recordings and photography

"KOH" is an immersive audiovisual piece by Roman Deroubaix and Joséphine. Developed during a residency for the fifth Cambodia Urban Art Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it's a collaborative creation by Roman Deroubaix, a photographer, and Joséphine, a musician. The piece draws inspiration from everyday life in a small community village in the heart of the city.

Image: Roman Deroubaix
Music: Joséphine
Text: Laetitia Troussel-Luber
Voice: Maya

5. BAZARNAUM.493,  a videomapping mural winner of the Mapping Festival Award

"Are the mice taking advantage of the cat's absence, or are they simply two sides of the same coin? BAZARNAÜM 493 is a graphic fable about the relationship between silence and noise, activism and repression, the established order and the avant-garde. It features a character, King Silence, who seems to command and administer a space: the facade of the Palace of Fine Arts. King Silence loves medium gray, off-white, musical notation, grids, and boundaries. At the beginning of the piece, King Silence performs a classic mapping show. The audience applauds him, and satisfied with a job well done, he falls contentedly asleep. But once asleep, his space becomes the stage for a strange carnival: a procession of diverse fauna and flora invades the Palace, reveling in dissonant melodies and frenzied rhythms. Waking up abruptly, he tries to chase away the troublemakers. But the wild ones have not had their last word...

This piece was broadcast on the Palace of Fine Arts in Lille in March 2023 and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Video Mapping Festival.

Visual artist : Simon Lazarus
Music : Joséphine
Mastering by Hugo Hannoun 

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