Music production

Polarités EP

“Polarités”, my 6-track electropop ep, is about to be released this november.

Listen to my two released singles : “Elastique” and “Le Secret”.

Inflorescence EP

“Inflorescence” is Josephine’s debut ep, released under the pseudonym  “Ioio” in 2021.
As author, composer, and producer, Ioio proposes a sensitive musical journey following the intimate cycle of her emotions put into songs. Inspired by L'Impératrice, Agar agar and Björk among others, she creates music with hybrid hues: pop songs combined with ambient and electro vibes. Her poetry with mechanical and sparkling accents is also present in her videoclips released in the winter 2020, "Fusée" and "Nuit”.

Music Vidéos


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